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GACC Remedy Support

The remedy here is a self-definition of our entity for certain types of business, and it does not mean the official expression and has no connection with any other third-party and economic remedy concepts. Manufacturers'own defects, violations of laws and regulations, and fake documents do not belong to remedy category.


Remedy for domestic competent authority review failure

The food production enterprise shall not be recommended for registration after the competent authority of the country conducting conformity assessment of the enterprise in accordance with the decrees, announcements and relevant registration conditions and comparison checklists issued by the China Customs.


Competent authority confirmation

According to the new policy, the recommending agency must be the country's official food safety regulatory agency, excluding non-administrative related agencies, relevant associations, trade promotion organizations, etc; there may also be changes in the governmental management agency of the country of origin, and re-division of responsibilities.


Attorney remedy

It generally refers to unacceptable losses caused by other agents due to lack of technical level and experience; or work interruption and economic losses due to the losing contact with original entrusted agent 


Remedy for GACC inspection failure

After document review, video inspection, on-site inspection, etc and their combinations, the applicant company was judged not meeting the GACC registration requirements, and the Cifer system has given feedback of reasons for disapproval.


Return shipment and potential risk remedy

It generally refers to the enterprise access, product compliance status, reasonable remedy and appeal assistance during the trade process; the official sampling inspection response, laboratory testing intervention, third-party institutions or individuals considered product compliance transaction disputes encountered in the Chinese circulation market.

In order to launch market access or for overseas enterprises to successfully obtain the registration number from GACC, the global competent authorities and the direct person (team) in charge of the Embassy in China maintain necessary communication with us.


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