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Alert fraudulent websites within the GACC registration system

As many food producers and exporters were confused by the fraudulent websites and cause financial losses, some companies sent complaints to the Chinese Customs directly or through the embassy in China. For this, the Chinese Customs began to make special alert in the correct official registration system in May 2023.


Some characteristics of fraudulent websites:

1. Imitate the official VI (visual system) and abuse the GACC/AQSIQ logo

2. Automatically make bills/invoices online, low price lures and being able to pay (correct official no fees)

3. Self-made certificate and annual fee (China Customs no certificate, no expiry date for exporter filing; this is a crime)

4. The websites domain and web servers are set outside of China to evade the supervision of the Chinese government.


Whether you are a food producer or exporter, it is recommended that you check with us before registering with GACC to confirm the official website or get free filling assistance for exporters or specific questions support.

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