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1. My enterprise has owned  more than one factories, can one registration number works for all factories?

A: One factory or one enterprise can make application for different products. However one registration number is only valid to one factory,which means different product categories and different manufacturing sites must be registered separately.

2. Inquires about the registration number on package?
A: Decree 248 requires all the exported food to China has to print the registration number on the package, the registration number can either be Chinese registration number or located country(region) registration number granted by your domestic national food safety and sanitation administration.

3. In which cases do i need to re-apply for registration?
A: Decree of the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China No.248 Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Registration and Administration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food Article 19: If an overseas manufacturer's registration information changes while the registration is valid, it shall submit an application for change to the GACC through the application path In cases of changing production site, legal representative, or registration number in the country/region where the manufacturer is located, the overseas manufacturer shall re-apply for registration, and the original Chinese registration number will automatically become invalid.

4. Is the data of the original ire/Information Recording System for Manufacturer Overseas is still valid?
A: This part of data has already been invalid.

5. What should i pay attention to when i am making the registration through GACC official website?
A: If you has already created account for enterprise, your local competent authority cannot assign you with a new account.You can only make application to non-18 categories of food in such case. You can apply Authority Certification to located competent authority in the system. You can make application to all categories after your account has been certified.

6. Can i modify the located country(region) registration number?
A: You can fill up the blank if you haven't do it when you create the account. It can't be modified if the blank was filled up. Or else you have to re-apply the registration.

7. Why can i make the customs clearance even though i have the registration number?
A: It may happen because you made the incorrect category application or the wrong registration method is applied, or in the actual customs clearance operation, the freight forwarder or customs broker will classify the feasible preference according to the minimum regulatory conditions, the optimal tax preference, etc., and the exporters are separated in the middle, resulting in the manufacturer, the consignee and the customs broker cannot exchange opinions in a timely manner, and we have already dealt with many cases of emergencies caused by this.

8. What shall i do if my account cannot make the registration for 18 categories of food?
A: You can either contact the local competent authority to assign you with a new account or you can use your own account to apply account certification by the local competent first, then you are authorized to make registration for 18 categories of food.

9. What happen if i make the application to a incorrect competent authority?
A: GACC will decline your application, which happens a lot recently. Competent authority complained their concerns during our communication. However, competent authority should not transfer this application but refuse.

10. What are the registration procedures and requirements for grain (soybean, wheat, barley, rapeseed, corn, etc.), fruit, plant-derived feed (meal feed, forage grass, etc.)?

(1) Overseas production, processing and storage enterprises of plant products that implement registration management shall be recommended to the General Administration of Customs after passing the examination by the competent department of the exporting country or region.

(2) The General Administration of Customs will review the recommended materials, and if necessary, after consulting with the competent authority of the exporting country or region, send experts to the exporting country or region to inspect and evaluate the enterprises applying for registration.

(3) Overseas production, processing, and storage enterprises in countries or regions that meet the requirements shall be registered if they pass the inspection. Overseas production, processing and storage enterprises in countries or regions that do not meet the requirements shall not be registered

Information requirements:

(1) Laws, regulations and standards related to animal and plant epidemics, veterinary hygiene, plant protection, pesticide and veterinary drug residues, production enterprise registration management and hygiene requirements in the country

(2) The establishment and personnel of the competent authority in the host country

(3) Enterprise information: enterprise name, address, official approval number

(4) Registered product information: registered product name, main raw materials, usage

(5) The assessment answer sheet of the competent authority of the country (region) where it recommends the inspection and quarantine and the actual situation of health control of the enterprise


11. Among the 18 categories of products stipulated in decree of the GACC No.248, which ones have changed the quarantine access department and the registration method of overseas production enterprises?

A: Primary edible agricultural products such as unprocessed coffee beans and cocoa beans, fresh vegetables, seasonings, edible grains, dried beans, and oilseeds with high quarantine risks have changed the responsible department and registration process; the registration of overseas manufacturers of these products is no longer through Cifer system, and different types are handled by different GACC experts. For details, please contact us in order to obtain the correct guidance.

12. What kind of arrangements have the General Administration of Customs made for overseas manufacturers of dairy products, meat, aquatic products, bird's nests, casings, and bee products that were originally approved by CNCA?
A: The data has been transferred to CIFERQUERY database, and the list will not be updated by GACC's business information column.

13. Are the other two module in ire system abolished?
A: No, the overseas exporter and importer within borders have to make the record filling in the ire system.

14. What kind of enterprise has to make application to GACC?
A: Decree 248 applies to the registration management of overseas manufacturers of production, processing, and storage (hereinafter referred to as "overseas manufacturers of imported foods") that export foods to China.

15. What will happen if I do not get registered before Jan.1st, 2022?
A: GACC requires you to fill in the Chinese registration number in your customs declaration form. You will not be able to claim for customs clearance without the Chinese registration number.

16. What does the 'competent authority' refer to?
A: The competent authority refers to your domestic food safety regulatory administration, who granted you the registration number and directly oversees the food safety affairs of your production plant. (e.g. FDA and USDA in the United States).

17. Is there a deadline for submitting my registration?
A: There is no deadline for submitting registration applications, you can submit online applications anytime.

18. Where should I apply for registration? Is there a website where I can submit my registration?
A: You can submit an online application through the China Imported Food Enterprise Registration system on the single-window platform. The single-window website is the only correct and legal platform for submitting the online registration application. When doing registration on the website page, the website will not ask you for any payment.

19. Do exporters or shippers need to record?
A: Yes, the exporter of the trade contract or shipper of BL has to do ire (Original AQSIQ) record. After recording will get an 11-digit record number, the record does not issue certificate nor validity limit. It should be noted that this record is very easy, we are obliged to help applicant record free of charge. Watch out for fraudulent websites.
(In China's administrative reform, AQSIQ no longer exist)

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